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Bethel Central PTO
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Bethel is lucky to have extremely active and successful PTOs. There are 7 total - one for each of our 5 schools, one for Special Education, and one under which they are all united - Bethel Central PTO.

  *  Berry School PTO K-3
  *  Bethel High School PTSO 9-12
  *  Bethel Middle School PTO 6-8
  *  Johnson School PTO 4-5
  *  Bethel Central PTO K-12 (Central Office)
  *  Rockwell School PTO K-3
  *  Special Education PTO K-12 (SEPTO)

Each building PTO raises money to support the students and staff of their particular school. Through fundraising efforts they are able to hold socials; provide teacher grants; present cultural events; support field trips; fulfill teacher requests; stock classroom libraries; provide scholarships; finance an all-night Post Prom Party – a safe haven for our children; and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

We encourage families to select the fund-raisers that work best for them – participation is never mandatory and should accommodate the ability and desire of each individual family. We welcome all family members to volunteer at whatever level is comfortable for them. The more volunteers we have, the greater support we can provide for the children. We cannot succeed without the volunteerism of our families.

The Bethel PTOs collect membership dues by family – regardless of the number of children you have, or how many different schools they attend. It is for this reason that Bethel Central PTO runs the annual PTO Membership Drive each fall (on behalf of all schools). We strongly welcome and encourage membership by all of the families and staff members of the Bethel School District.

With the proceeds from family and staff membership dues, we are able to produce a 5-school student directory (a complementary copy is included with your PTO membership); sponsor a bus driver appreciation breakfast; present a Board of Education Candidate Forum in election years; provide three $1000 scholarships for graduating seniors; provide $2000 in funding for Special Education; provide funds towards Post Prom; and set aside $2000 per referendum in support of education funding during budget season.

The concept of PTO in Bethel is simple. Our families and staff members work hard to enrich the educational lives of our students. We strive to enhance student achievement and build a strong sense of pride within our community. Our activities serve to support and improve our schools. We work to connect with the overall community of Bethel in ways that are beneficial to all. We will continue to pursue a strong relationship between home and school, continually working to encourage parent involvement.

If you should have any questions regarding PTO, we encourage you to send us an email at bethelcentralpto@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming year!

President Robin Renner
Secretary Jen Larsen
Treasurer  Jill Kurtz