About JES

About Us: 

500 Whittlesey Drive 
Bethel, CT 06801

Phone: 203.794.8700
(To reach attendance line, school nurse, guidance and all other departments- call main school number)


Office Hours: 7:30 - 3:30

School Day: 8:15 - 2:45

About Johnson School:

Ralph M. T. Johnson School is a fourth and fifth grade school serving over 450 students. The faculty and staff at Johnson School are committed to educational excellence.

Our school is dedicated to involving the home and the community in the education of our students. Parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in all aspects of their child's learning.  We encourage personal, as well as academic growth and students’ accomplishments are frequently recognized at Johnson School. Students participate in the “Johnson Pride” program. They are recognized for being responsible, respectful, ready and proud. Students are also recognized for achieving the high standards of the Presidential Academic Achievement Award and President’s Community Service Awards, as well as recognizing excellence in music, art, technology, physical education, math and summer reading. Every classroom sponsors a community service project to strengthen the bond between our school and the Bethel community. 

 Johnson School is working together as a professional learning community to provide each and every student the highest quality learning opportunities in order to be successful and competitive in a global community.



The R.M.T. Johnson School community will demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the improved achievement of all students. Each student will have the opportunity to be part of a rigorous academic program that is based on the principles of differentiated instruction. All students will be consistently engaged in meaningful and accountable work wherein they will be called to work collaboratively, think critically, and persevere in solving real-world problems. Teachers will work to their full potential, motivated by their commitment to the needs of the whole child, their engagement in continual professional learning, and the evidenced effectiveness of their colleagues. Respect, responsibility, preparedness, and pride will serve as the four pillars of Johnson Pride and will be at the forefront of all we do as we continue to grow as a community of learners.