Financial Aid

Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid "To Do" List - a practical way to navigate the Financial Aid Process.

Powerpoint Presentation by Kelly Jambo, Director of Financial Assistance, Sacred Heart University.

Locally Administered Scholarship Information

     Numerous scholarships come into our high school offices throughout the school year.  We create memos listing the scholarships; we distribute them periodically via direct parent emails and post them on our customized Naviance site; we post hard copies in the School Counseling Office and College and Career Center.

    Students are responsible for: checking the memos to identify the scholarships for which they are eligible; applying directly online or picking up applications “self-service style” in the College and Career Center; returning completed applications before the listed BHS deadline to our administrative assistant, Mrs. Hook, who then processes and mails/delivers them to the scholarship provider to meet their deadline.

   For several years now, we have also made available the Bethel College Aid Application form, a one-page, name-blind form.  Our purpose for this change was to encourage more students to apply for multiple scholarships by simplifying the application procedure.  Typically the form is used to decide approximately 27 scholarship awards.  Some sponsors choose to make the decisions themselves; others ask the BHS Scholarship Committee to make the decisions on their behalf. This application will be distributed to the senior class in early March and due back April 1.

Sites of Interest      Information and directions for filing the FAFSA CSS/Financial Aid Profile    Information from the leading lender provides additional information on loans, grants, and other options.   Information from the US Department of Education about how to manage student loans.

     Google “college scholarships” and dozens of sites of scholarship information will come up.  Most are free but be careful of those that charge a fee to do the same searches for scholarships you or your child can do without charge.  Read all instructions and requirements carefully.

     Contact colleges directly for their specific requirements and any special forms for financial aid and deadlines.  You can find links to all colleges on Naviance.