Berry School’s STEM Night Debut Considered A Huge Success!
Berry School’s STEM Night Debut Considered A Huge Success!
Posted on 04/30/2015
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Frank A. Berry School hosted it’s 1st Annual Family STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Night on Thursday, April 23rd, offering children and their families an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and experience hands-on activities and projects in the STEM fields.

A team of approximately 20 parent and faculty volunteers alongside, Berry School Principal Danielle Legnard, brought concepts of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering to life for students in a very real, practical and incredibly entertaining way.

Children learned firsthand how iPhone apps are concepted, created, developed and brought to life by industry expert, Tom Ajello. Children raced to solve the puzzle first at the Rubik’s cube Station. A Giant Lego Tower Estimation Station and Lego City Building area were crowded with busy minds and hands creating and problem solving. The Take-Apart area offered students an opportunity to use tools to disassemble various household electronics to see how they work from the inside out. The younger audience experienced hands on learning with a “Sink or Float” Station and a “Make Your Own Fossil” station using clay. All in all, there was an activity for everyone including Origami design and launching rockets made of paper and straws!

"Our first annual Berry School STEM night was a huge success evidenced by hundreds of students engaged in activities that focused on problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. Providing students with hands on experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is preparing them for STEM careers in the future and sparking their interests in these areas. The latest research suggests that STEM related fields will increase by 62% by the year 2020. We must continue to prepare our children for this type of future!," Said Berry School Principal Danielle Legnard.

Bethel Public Schools has been implementing STEM programs into our schools and continues to explore ways to intertwine STEM into our curriculum. Aligned to the Science, Engineering and Mathematics Practice Standards, STEM night will give our students and families ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate STEM into their everyday lives!