Bethel Middle School Designated a NELMS Spotlight School
Bethel Middle School Designated a NELMS Spotlight School
Posted on 02/27/2015
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Congratulations Bethel Middle School! Bethel Middle School has again been designated as a NELMS Spotlight School.  Bethel Middle School continues to exemplify an excellent learning community for young adolescents and upholds best practices for middle level education.

During the recent renewal visit the reviewers saw a variety of indicators that made it evident that Bethel Middle School has continued to make progress and is committed to effective instruction, collaboration, teaming, continual growth, and a solid understanding of the young adolescent.

The New England League of Middle Schools commended Bethel Middle School for the following:

  • Forward thinking model of a Learning Community to instill 2151 Century Learning Skills;
  • Implementing a STEM program;
  • Looping practices in advisory and administration;
  • Commitment to including all stakeholders in the decision-making process including custodial, clerical, and cafeteria staff;
  • Comprehensive guidance/support services department; and
  • Development of a Parent University and a new parent mentor program.