Student Accident Insurance
Student Accident Insurance

We are once again offering you the opportunity to purchase Student Accident Insurance for your child.  The enrollment form may be obtained from the agency website at

Please note that while the school has liability insurance, this covers injuries to pupils only if liability is proven against the school.  The school does not pay for routine accidental injuries.  The student accident insurance pays claims on a primary basis and covers accidental injuries regardless of liability.  The exclusions and limitations are explained in the brochure.

SCHOOL-TIME PLAN (to-from-at school)

Maximum Accident Medical Benefit                           $250,000.00
Maximum Dismemberment Benefit                           $  10,000.00
Accidental Death Benefit                                              $    2,500.00

                                                                         Economy Plan                     Superior Plan
​Premium All Grades - Per Pupil                                 $14.00                                   $28.00

Maximum Accident Medical Benefit                           $250,000.00
Maximum Dismemberment Benefit                            $  10,000.00
Accident Death Benefit                                                 $   2,500.00

                                                                 Economy Plan                    Superior Plan
​Premium All Grades - Per Pupil                         $68.00                             $136.00


Both Plans - All Grades
Premium - Per Pupil $8.00

If you should have any questions regarding this coverage, please do not hesitate to contact the program administrator, Colonna Insurance Services, LLC, at 888-234-9910, as indicated on the enrollment brochure.  The plans do not cover Interscholastic Sports as the Board of Education provides this coverage separately.