Summer's BEST/Summer School Program

Summer’s BEST 2017 has arrived! The Bethel Public Schools will be offering many new and dynamic programs. We hope to create a summertime adventure of discovery, fun, and learning that will build knowledge and enrich your child. The goal of the summer program is to encourage children to explore new skills, talents, and interests as well as maintain and sharpen academic skills, boost academic confidence, and reinforce the value of education.

The Enrichment programs are self- funding. The cost of each program is set to cover the cost of the teacher and the materials. You will be sending your child to a fun, safe, educational program.

Save the month of July to enroll your child in a rewarding summer experience!

Linda Anderson, 
Coordinator of Community Programs


We will be registering online this year! Please look for the link on the BPS website in the summer school tab. ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN AT 8:00 AM on April 24.

***REGISTRATION ENDS JUNE 1, 2017. Anyone wanting to register after June 1st will need to come to Berry School on or after July 3, 2017.

Questions? Please email Linda Anderson at:

                  2017 Summer School for High School Students

For registration information about 2017 Summer School Program for High School Students, click 2017 Summer School Information  Please click here for the registration form.