Anna H. Rockwell School
Vision Statement

All students at Anna H. Rockwell School will demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics as they are engaged in purposeful work that is differentiated and challenging.  We will strive to build every student’s ability to think critically and creatively, as students will be involved in collaborative experiences where they will be expected to communicate effectively, question ideas, and discover new perspectives.  Students will learn to persevere through challenges and reflect on their learning.  Respect, responsibility, and kindness will be cornerstones of all we do, as we strive to excel academically, and continue to grow socially and emotionally.

Attendance Information

If your child is going to be absent or tardy, please callthe
KID CALL LINE @ 203-794-8692 before 9:00AM.

 The KID CALL LINE - 203-794-8692, can be called 24 hours / day.

It is also imperative that you follow up with a note (need a note-please click here) to your child’steacher explaining the absence. Please indicate the date and reason of the absence.
A letter will be sent to parents if a note is not received.
A follow up note is always necessary even if you called the nurse

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